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A London skyscraper

Nr1 Pluto.

Mozzarella, basil and 24 month aged parmesan.

Nr2 Mortja.

Tomato sauce, Provolone, Sudjuk (beef pepperoni), Sauerkraut.

Nr3 Kali.

Aged Gouda, thinly sliced potatoes, anchovies, rosemary and Gordal olives.

Nr4 Anubis.

Tomato, provolone, pancetta, vanilla & chili marinated apricots

Nr5 Nergal.

Muhammara, sliced fennel, Sun dried black olives, dates, cherry tomato, pomegranate syrup.

Nr6 Yeom-Ra.

Tomato. Bresaola, mozzarella, kimchi, scallion,sesame seeds and bulgogi sauce.

Nr7 Coatlicue.

Tomato, Mozzarella, chorizo fresco and fresh parsley chimichurri.

Nr8 Hades.

Sheep cheese, cherry tomato, roasted almond and pumpkin seeds, arugula, little lemon & olive oil emulsion and fennel seed honey

Nr9 Shinigami.

Tomato, 24 month aged parmesan, Calabria Salami, cherry tomato, arugula, lemon and olive oil.
A London skyscraper